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Earn Off Campus Physical Education Credit (OCPE) while Experiencing the joy of mastering a technique
7 - 18 Years
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"Fencing is more than just a physical activity – it's a symphony of movement, strategy, and precision."

** Earn Off Campus Physical Education Credit (OCPE) **

Explore the world of fencing with our expert coaches who bring years of experience to every training session. Whether you're seeking a new way to stay active OR looking for a Off Campus Physical Education Credit OR a seasoned fencer aiming to refine your techniques, our program caters to all.

🤺 Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers the fundamentals, footwork, blade work, tactics, and mental agility required to excel in fencing. Through a well-rounded approach, you'll develop agility, coordination, and quick decision-making abilities both on and off the strip.

🤺 State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Train in a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern amenities that create the perfect environment for your fencing journey. From spacious training halls to specialized equipment, we provide everything you need to succeed.

🤺 Expert Guidance:

Led by seasoned fencing instructors, our program ensures you receive top-notch training that caters to your individual goals. From mastering the basics to refining advanced techniques, our coaches are dedicated to your progress every step of the way.

"Enroll now and experience the art and sport that is fencing!"

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Head Coach/Director of Fencer Development

Chris Slaughter was trained by the internationally renowned Vladimir Nazlymov, 10-time World Champion and 6-time Olympic medalist.
Chris was selected for the US Junior and Senior national team to compete in World Cups and trained with the Russian and German national teams to prepare for the Olympic Games. Chris fenced with many of the world’s top fencers during the rebirth of the American fencing era. He has trained with US national champions Peter Westbrook, Mika’il Sankofa, Terrence Lasker, Akhnaten Spencer-El, and Keeth Smart. In addition, he was an important training partner to Stanislav Pozdniakov while he prepared in the US with coach Nazlymov prior to the 1996 Olympics. Chris started coaching in 2007 and has developed a variety of highly effective training techniques and strategies designed to develop the ultimate fencing athlete. He has taught at all competitive levels in St. Louis and Kansas City.



  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Industry.
  • Champion and medalist in national and international competitions with the Mexican National Team.
  • Participation in seven world championships, over twenty world cups.
  • Pan American Champion and medalist in several occasions.
Championships winning:
  • NCAA team runner up titles
  • Men’s Sabre Midwestern Conference Championships.

Financial Aid Available:

Our program prices are super competitive in the market, but we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where all children can thrive.

Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis (30%-100%), considering factors such as household income, family size, and extenuating circumstances as per the Federal Financial Aid Guidelines.

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